To all of our new Brighton residents with school aged children! Here is some information from Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools and Saskatoon Public Schools on bussing to nearby schools:

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Welcomes Brighton Families:

Busing is provided to Father Robinson School (530 Rogers Road) for English Catholic education. Please call 306-659-7200 for more information.

Busing is provided to Ecole Cardinal Leger School (141 Campion Crescent) for French Immersion Catholic education. Please call 306-659-7190 for more information.

Saskatoon Public Schools welcomes students from the Brighton community.

School bus transportation to Dr. John G. Egnatoff School is provided for elementary students who reside in the Brighton neighbourhood. Students who live in Brighton and are enrolled in a French Immersion program are eligible for transportation to École Forest Grove School.

Transportation is not available for Brighton neighbourhood students who are registered at an elementary school other than Dr. John G. Egnatoff School, or École Forest Grove School in the case of French immersion.

School bus transportation is not available for high school students. Students are encouraged to utilize Saskatoon Transit.

Complete and updated information on student transportation is available on our website at

(Information Source: Brighton Community Facebook page)